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How to Check What Processor In Your Android Phone

There are so many types of processors in smart phones.

A series, enoxy,kirin,etc are the famous in market now
A series processors are used in Apple.This is there own processor.they didn't give other mobiles to use Enoxy is also there’s own processor owed by samsung.they didn't give anyone to use it.
Snapdragon is a American company it manufactur a efficient processors too.latest processor of sanpdragon is Snapdragon 655.
Kirin is a China's product.this processors is used huge in China mobiles.
Processors also consists of cores,which do work assigned by processor.

Types of cores:-

  1. Single Core
  2. Dual Core 
  3. Hexa Core
  4. Octa Core
  5. Deca Core
To know about the processor in your mobile get Install CPU-Z tool  on your mobile from play store.It gives full report about:
→SoC(system on chip)name,architecture,clock speed for each core.
→System information like device brand&model,screen resolution,RAM,storage.
→Battery information like level,status,temperature,capacity.

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