Free Tool To put nokia phones to put diag mode without dongle

NOKIA c1 2nd edition also supported 

Nokia devices added:

TA-1204 Nokia C2
TA-1233 Nokia C2
TA-1239 Nokia C3
TA-1258 Nokia C3
TA-1292 Nokia C3
TA-1298 Nokia C3
TA-1306 Nokia C1 Plus
TA-1308 Nokia C1 Plus
TA-1309 Nokia C1 Plus
TA-1312 Nokia C1 Plus
TA-1314 Nokia C1 Plus
TA-1318 Nokia C1 Plus
TA-1320 Nokia C1 Plus
TA-1339 Nokia C20
TA-1342 Nokia C10
TA-1345 Nokia C30
TA-1348 Nokia C20
TA-1352 Nokia C20
TA-1356 Nokia C20
TA-1357 Nokia C30
TA-1359 Nokia C30
TA-1360 Nokia C30
TA-1366 Nokia C20 Plus
TA-1369 Nokia C30
TA-1377 Nokia C30
TA-1379 Nokia C01 Plus
TA-1380 Nokia C1 2nd Edition
TA-1382 Nokia C01 Plus
TA-1383 Nokia C01 Plus
TA-1387 Nokia C01 Plus
TA-1388 Nokia C20 Plus
TA-1391 Nokia C01 Plus
TA-1392 Nokia T20
TA-1394 Nokia T20
TA-1396 Nokia C01 Plus
TA-1397 Nokia T20
TA-1401 Nokia G11
TA-1404 Nokia G21
TA-1405 Nokia G21
TA-1408 Nokia G11 Plus
TA-1412 Nokia G21
TA-1413 Nokia G11 Plus
TA-1415 Nokia G21
TA-1418 Nokia G21
TA-1421 Nokia G11 Plus
TA-1424 Nokia C21 Plus
TA-1425 Nokia C21 Plus
TA-1426 Nokia C21 Plus
TA-1429 Nokia G11 Plus
TA-1431 Nokia C21 Plus
TA-1433 Nokia C21 Plus
TA-1444 Nokia C21 Plus
TA-1446 Nokia C2 2nd Edition
TA-1452 Nokia C2 2nd Edition
TA-1454 Nokia C2 2nd Edition
TA-1457 Nokia T10
TA-1462 Nokia T10
TA-1466 Nokia C21
TA-1468 Nokia C2 2nd Edition
TA-1471 Nokia C2 2nd Edition
TA-1472 Nokia T10
TA-1477 Nokia G11
TA-1493 Nokia C31
TA-1495 Nokia T21
TA-1497 Nokia C31
TA-1499 Nokia C31
TA-1503 Nokia T10
TA-1512 Nokia T10

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