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How To Repair Imei On Huawei Y5 Lite 2018

To Repair Imei of Y5 Lite You need SIGMA BOX

Let's see how wo can change imei on (DRA-LX5)

  • First you need to open your SIGMA BOX

  • Click on PLATFORM and select MEDIA TEK

  • Then click on SERIAL PORT and select USB (autodetect)

  • Then Select Model DRA-XXX

  • Select imei Put New Imei Under SIM 1

  • Then Click on Repair Imei 
  • Switch Off Your Phone And When You'll Get Option on Sigma Hold Volume up + Volume Down And Connect Your Phone 
  • Then Your Phone Will Start Repairing It'll take Few minutes 
  • And after that Your Phone will be okay.

  • DONE
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